Saturday, March 21, 2009

Random Thoughts

My mind is just going a hundred miles an hour right now and Andy is asleep so y'all get to hear the crazy madness..
  • We went to the seed store this afternoon and it was closed for the afternoon. I was so bummed out. I was really excited to get the seeds I needed, but not in the cards for today.
  • We went out to the farm and staked out our plot for the garden. I am praying that God gives me the strength to properly maintain what I have been so graciously been allowed to us.
  • I really want to do good on our Debt Reduction plan because I really want to build my house in the country some day soon. It is so hard because there are so many temptations. I am praying that God brings me the discipline I need.
  • I feel guilty because we went out to dinner tonight. I know that sounds stupid but we have s much food here, no money, and are on diets. BUT, it just sounded so good at the time.
  • I am excited that we have church tomorrow. It is always my recharging time.
  • I started my running plan today. I was on the treadmill. I was starting to get really tired. So I started reciting "With God all things are possible." Then I started having serious doubts about myself and running right then. I knew it was the Devil playing games with my head so I said "in the name of Jesus, Devil be gone". The thoughts were immediately gone, but the treadmill stopped. Goodness gracious. Those demons and evil spirits will do anything.
  • I am getting tired so I am going to go to bed. Have a blessed day as you worship our incredible Lord and spend time with our families! :)

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