Monday, October 26, 2009

I Choose Joy, Not Tears...

I had HUGE plans for today... I had GREAT plans for today... I had a great ATTITUDE planned for today...But they all fell apart...

  • I knew that I should NOT go out to lunch but I really, really wanted to see my aunt and cousin so I went...Service was terrible. Spent money we really didn't have on food NO ONE ate! Ugh.. I learned. I am not perfect. Next time I want to go out to eat, I will remember this visit. I also got out of the house and got to spend time with my aunt and cousin. AND we actually DO have the $$, I should just be putting it towards better things.
  • Went to the Post Office to ship the prizes for the Fall Giveaway. Stand in line for 45 minutes (the kids were acting fine, but like 2 young kids), get up to the lady and she looks at me and says "We won't ship this. Next!" Really, are you kidding me?!? My kids were actually well behaved. The old ladies in line got a chuckle out of them. I learned NEVER to go to the Englewood post office. I also got a hold of a dear friend (and my boss of sorts). I went over to her house and she taught me how to ship the prizes. We talked and I felt better. (Prizes are shipped!)
  • Drive 35 miles out to the Whole Foods Bulk Store, pull up and would you like to guess at what I see? We have a bulk food store that many people don't have. It was a beautiful ride and I got to sing and listen to my sweet little angels sing praise songs to Jesus. What can be more precious than that? I have a car to drive to the food store and I had money in my pocket to spend on good healthy foods for my family at the store.
  • Turn around and in this poor little Amish families driveway/parking lot have a break down. It goes something like this...God I just wanted to get some whole foods for my family. How am I supposed to save gas when I drive all the way out here and they are closed? God why was the post office lady so p.o.ed? Why is everything a brick wall? Why can't I have a good day? There are dishes, laundry, dirt and cobwebs all over my home! Lord, I can't stand that! (stomp! stomp! sniff!) The Amish family didn't call the cops and have me committed! And last but not least, we have a home, dishes, clothes, dirt and cobwebs... We are so blessed!
  1. God was probably saying "You could save money by not going out to eat and then guess what... You probably wouldn't feel guilty and beat yourself up later!"
  2. God was probably snickering that I said p.o.ed about the post office lady.. Just seems funny to me....
  3. God (and the poor little Amish family, looking out there windows at the psycho lady!) thought what a "spoiled brat!"
  4. I was just a GREAT example for my children (good thing they were at least in the car with the doors shut!).
  5. I should be looking for the blessings in all these small irritations, so I am going to go back up and in a different color write all my blessings next to the situation.

How about you? Do you see any blessings in the midst of your crazy, hard to get through day?


Theresa said...

I love your attitude! It's the same I have so often, I don't WANT to have a bad day or be fussy, so I won't! :) I'm sorry it was such a difficult day. But on the up side, it sounds like your boys were super patient and that is always cause for rejoicing! I hope the rest of the week is a little easier! Give me a call if you'd like!


momstheword said...

Oh, I know what you mean. I have those same days too! Thank the Lord He helps us keep it in perspective!