Friday, October 23, 2009

Since I've Left Y'all Hangin'...

Since I have been such a bad blogger friend lately, I decided that I am going to get back in the groove with a post I am sure y'all are just dying for!

When I started blogging, I did it just as a vent and to get my thoughts down in a hurry. I did not know much about blog rules... So I missed my 100th post! I am so sorry dear friends.

Therefore I am going to celebrate my 150th post, with 150 facts about me and a giveaway! Can I get a WOOT?

FIRST, you have to read through all these 'oh so interesting facts about me and then at the bottom, the rules for the giveaway and what I am giving away will appear! Happy reading!!! :)

150 BORING facts about me...

150. My name is Jodi Clapp-Davis (you get extra chances if you have a worse name than Clapp growing up! :)).
149. I just turned 25 years old.
148. I have been married for 3 1/2 years.
147. Andy and I grew up in the same church but with our age difference (7 years) our paths never crossed.
146. We started dating at the end of October and were married at the beginning of May the next year.
145. I had my first son, Dylan, at the age of 20.
144. I tell him everyday that he saved my life.
143. I was into a world of sin that looking back I cannot imagine but finding out I was pregnant with him saved my life.
142. I turned my life around and gave my heart to God.
141. I had my second son, Lincoln, at age 23.
140. I tell him everyday that he is my hope.
139. After trying to conceive for about a year, we finally went to a doctor for help.
138. He was conceived the first month of help.
137. I am very thankful for my son, but I will never go through infertility again.
136. Infertility was most taxing emotionally.
135. I want a large family but I am placing my faith in God. He knows the size of my family. He will provide.
134. I have decided that if I am trusting God to give me children, I will trust him in knowing when we should not have more.
133. I will no longer use birth control.
132. I cannot tell you how many times, I place my fertility in the Lord's hands and then just take a little bit back.
131. Every day is a control struggle for me.
130. With that being said, I am a control freak.
129. I have PCOS along with having cervical cancer giving me a bad cervix.
128. I am the only child and now having grown up, I love it!
127. I grew up a mile away from where I live now.
126. My parents still live there.
125. My family is full of my best friends.
124. I have gone to the same church all of my life.
123. Some days I wish we could go to a different church, but I know God has us where He wants us for the time being.
122. My husband and I head the Young Adults Ministry.
121. I am a stay-at-home mom.
120. I love it!
119. BUT I struggle with it a lot.
118. I get bored easily.
117. Therefore, I get really into things and then lose interest.
116. Such as staying home and not going to Target or out to lunch.
115. I really want to get into and stay into Whole Foods cooking.
114. I love going to Heavenly Homemakers, Naturally Knocked Up, Keeper of the Home, and Passionate Homemaking for homemaking and whole foods ideas.
113. My two sons and I suffer from severe asthma.
112. We have really bad colds right now and the cold is kicking our booties due to the asthma.
111. I haven't left the house in five days.
110. I feel so bad I don't care.
109. That isn't like me, but I want it to be.
108. We are trying to get debt free.
107. We are following Dave Ramsey plan.
106. If I could control myself and stay home more and cook more, we would be a lot closer to being debt free.
105. That is what I need to work on right now.
104. All of our debt came from my husband adopting my first son (it makes me mad!) and conceiving my second son.
103. I would take on that debt any day to have those two things.
102. (see number 118) I am struggling at staying focused on this...
101. I spent my summer preserving fruits and vegetable so that my family can have frugal, yummy, healthy foods to eat all winter.
100. I enjoyed it.
99. People thought I was weird because I enjoyed it.
98. My family could live off green beans if a disaster struck.
97. I have over 200 quarts of them.
96. I still have apples, carrots, and beets to put up.
95. I am running out of jars.
94. I should add canning jars and lids to my Christmas list.
93. I have really boring Christmas lists.
92. My husband is yelling at this moment that our children are out of control.
91. They really aren't.
90. He is just getting them all wound up and then getting frustrated when they are overly hyper.
89. They should be in bed.
88. I wish I was.
87. If I could change one thing about myself it would be that I would be slow to anger and quick to love.
86. Patience is not my strong suit, though I wish it was.
85. I actually LOVE living in Ohio.
84. I love all the seasons.
83. I love all my family living within 20 miles from me.
82. I am not a in the house pet lover but...
81. I want to run a farm one day.
80. We live in a suburb of Dayton.
79. We are blessed to live where we live but...
78. I hate living in the city.
77. I am a country girl at heart.
76. I LOVE country and Christian music.
75. My favorites are Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker.
74. My other favorites are Third Day and Addison Road.
73. I want to milk my own cow.
72. I want to pick my own eggs.
71. I want to grow my own food.
70. I want to make all of our own food from our farm.
69. People think I have weird dreams.
68. My Grandma Clapp has handed down a lot of farming and gardening wisdom to me.
67. My new favorite gardening/farming book is Back Yard Homestead.
66. My new favorite parenting book is Shepherding a Child's Heart.
65. I home school my oldest son.
64. It was the best decision I ever made.
63. It was a hard decision but I felt God telling me what I was going to do, not asking.
62. I feel a stronger bond with Dylan by homeschooling.
61. I love that he is so eager to learn.
60. I am surprised at how well it is going.
59. It is by God's grace only that things are going so well.
58. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
57. I have a facebook account.
56. I love facebook.
55. I am trying very hard to lose weight.
54. I am doing Weight Watchers.
53. I am addicted to Turbo Jams.
52. I know this sounds disturbing but it is one of the things I have missed most while being sick.
51. I am also addicted to Shaklee.
50. I believe that even if you eat good whole foods, there are still not as good of nutrients as there used to be in foods.
49. I am extremely into nutrition supplements.
48. I am also addicted to Shaklee's Green cleaners.
47. I was supposed to get the Basic G out to winners from last week but I have been too sick to get to the post office.
46. I will do that first thing when I feel better.
45. I am also addicted to too much TV. There are some great shows on this season.
44. My favorites are 18 Kids and Counting and The Mentalist.
43. My husband has been fasting for the last three days.
42. He has been doing it in prayer for our relationship, child-bearing, parenting, and finances.
41. I am proud to be his wife.
40. He is my best friend.
39. He is an incredible spiritual leader.
38. I long to be the help-meet and mother that God wants me to be.
37. I have been reading Revelations in my Quiet Time.
36. It scares me.
35. I am afraid of people I love not being in Heaven.
34. I want to tell everyone I know about Jesus.
33. I want people to see how much I love him through my actions.
32. I am more of a Martha when it comes to life...
31. I wish I were more of a Mary.
30. My spiritual gift is discernment.
29. I call it my six sense.
28. I can pretty much read people.
27. I love that God gives us a conscience and intuition.
26. I think that if more people listened to that small voice in their head, there would be less issues.
25. My favorite Christian song right now is "God of this City" by Chris Tomlin.
24. I am once again losing interest...
23. I love to cook and bake just get distracted a bit.
22. I would rather clean bathrooms and kitchens than do laundry.
21. I like to eat meat but when I cook it or imagine where it came from I get sick and grossed out.
20. Therefore, I cannot eat venison.. Poor poor Bambi and road kill!
19. I love Texas Road House ( I love their Road Kill, that's how it popped into mind!)
18. I try not to make big decisions early in the morning, late at night, or when hormonal (that leaves about an hour a day after dinner! :))
17. I am a huge Ohio State football fan.
16. I love living in a city and state that football is so big!
15. 1/2 of our high school's football team came home with swine flu this week.
14. I don't think we'll win against our rival this year (beat Centerville!).
13. Did they poison us?!?
12. I over think and over analyze everything!
11. Making even small decisions is hard for me.
10. I love to scrapbook but I am way behind.
9. I have started decorating cakes and I'm actually good at it!
8. I played every sport growing up.
7. I am trying to become more feminine.
6. I want my boys to have a feminine mom.
5. Pink is quickly becoming my favorite color.
4. I am addicted to lists.
3. I love to check things off my lists.
2. I actually write things I've already done on my list so that I can have more things checked off.

AND #1... Drum roll please....

1. I love God. He has blessed me more than I deserve. I love my husband. My kids are so important to me. I yearn to be the help-meet and mother they deserve and God desires. I love my family and friends. I love to blog and meet new and incredible people on here. Y'all are such an inspiration. I thank God for each and every one of you. And please KNOW that I have prayed for each of you that have visited my blog. I would love to hear from everyone of you and pray for specific things in your life. So therefore, do not hesitate to ask. I would love to talk to you about how you can meet my incredible Jesus and make him a permanent part of your life.

So NOW onto the giveaway... Let me tell you a little bit about the person who is providing this great product!

Her name is Laura and she is over at Heavenly Homemakers. I have gotten to know her a little bit and just love the person she is. She has GREAT ideas, motivation, and inspiration. I am blessed to know her as much as I do. If you find time please hop over to her blog and find out just how great she is!

So without further adoo.. I will be giving away a copy of Laura's e-book Do The Funky Kitchen. This is a book that will help those of us who really want to stay dedicated and cook for our families, find the kitchen. ETA: I was thinking that some people may not have all the essential kitchen items they might need so sense this is such a party I think I am going to throw in a $25 gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond... Any objections?

So there are multiple ways to enter to win multiple times. Here is a list of ways to enter:

  1. Look through my archives and find your favorite post on the One Blessed Mama site and why it is. Leave a comment here telling me.

  2. Leave a comment about my 150 list.

  3. Follow me.

  4. Write a post about this giveaway on your blog.

  5. Go take a look at Laura's blog and leave a comment for her and then leave a comment here telling me you did.

This giveaway is going to begin Friday evening, October 23 and end Friday evening at 8 PM(EST), October 30th. So good luck everyone and happy blogging!

***This giveaway is open to everyone in every country!***


momstheword said...

Well this was fun! I don't think I noticed my 100th post until I was already past it, lol!

I have asthma too. But my daily medicine controls it very well so I can go months and months without needing my albuterol. However, I do need it when I am sick usually. I hope you feel better soon!

My hubby used to get our kids all wired up before bedtime, then it was hard for them to wind down, lol!

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

# Look through my archives and find your favorite post on the One Blessed Mama site and why it is. Leave a comment here telling me.

I love your canning posts, esp the one about decorating with your jars. I mean, seriously, whooda thunk? They are bee-yoo-ti-full

# Leave a comment about my 150 list.

Is this my list or yours? I could have written a LOT of that list!

# Follow me.

I do. Do I still get a point for already doing it? :D

# Write a post about this giveaway on your blog.

# Go take a look at Laura's blog and leave a comment for her and then leave a comment here telling me you did.

I actually love her blog & have left comments there. One post is here:

I also follow her. Do I get another point for that too? I'm on a roll today! LOL

Hope you have a blessed day!! Hope everyone is getting healthy again too!

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

Don't hate me. I called you Julie.... I know, I'm mean, horrible & shouldn't be entered. Spank me & send me to my room......

Sally said...

Just came over from 'We are that family'. Like your blog already! Enjoyed reading your "Love story" and will bookmark and read more later.
God bless.

edmontonjb said...

That is quite a list! I do the same as you as far as adding things to a list even though I have already done them. It feels good to start with three things already checked off. And I think #87 is a great way to try to live your life - slow to anger, quick to love.

Jodi Davis said...

This comment is for Michaela Dunn Leepers #3 chance.

Jodi Davis said...

This comment is for MDL's #4 comment.

Jodi Davis said...

This is for MDL's #5 comment.

Jodi Davis said...

This is comment is for Jhona O. blogging out the giveaway.

Jodi Davis said...

This comment is for Jhona O.'s following my blog.

Sally said...

I love your list...could have written a lot of it myself!