Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kohl's Clearance Racks

So this past weekend, I went shopping at Kohl's. We were in desperate need of clothes at our home- Andy's work clothes were starting to look tattered and worn, Dylan out-grew the hand-me-down givers, and I have been losing a little bit of weight so I had nothing that fit me right.

My budget was $250. I know this sounds like a lot but that is our clothing budget for the year and I have to find clothes that will "hold-up" because boys are hard on clothes and I want them to still be nice for Lincoln to wear when he reaches that size.

So with $200 and my 30% more off coupon, I struck out last week on a mission to find Andy and Dylan's clothes. Mommy's could wait. If there wasn't enough money for mine, that is just fine, BUT my boys NEED to look nice.

So with $200 I bought Dylan:
  • 16 super-hero nice t-shirts
  • 3 pair of jeans
  • 2 sweat outfits
  • 3 long sleeve t-shirts to wear under the t-shirts
  • 1 dress shirt and matching tie
I bought Andy:
  • 13 button-down dress shirts
  • 3 polo shirts
  • 7 pair of dress pants
  • 2 work out shirts
  • 1 pair of lounge pants
This cost me $200-- leaving me with $50 and gave me $40 in Kohls Cash. So this weekend I went back with my Kohls Cash and this is what I got for myself:
  • 16 clearance shirts
  • 2 pairs of jeans
I was so excited. So I got three of our wardrobes for the year on $250. I am super-pumped! How about you? Anyone get any good deals lately?

Great deals on clearance racks are what I love!

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thediaperdiaries said...

I could not agree more. I totally head straight to clearance when I get to Kohl's. And they always seem to be full of great stuff.