Monday, October 26, 2009

NOT ME! Monday...

Okay since I am hiding in the computer/music room while the kids nap blogging (er... I mean balancing the checkbook!:)), I am going to try this Not Me! Meme from MckMama. Besides, it is just too funny (in an embarrassing, "I want to hide behind a mail box" sort of way!) to pass up. I cannot wait until my husband reads what he NOT! said... ;)

We were (NOT!) standing in the line at the post office for 45 minutes with the lobby (NOT!) full of people. And when I did NOT! walk up when it was my turn, Dylan did NOT! say loudly for the whole lobby to hear....

Mama why do you shake your butt so much?
You tell me it's not nice to shake your butt at people.
Oh, nevermind Mama, Daddy tells me it happens naturally
when ladies have big butts....

I was so excited to hear that (NOT!).

Happy big-butted blessings to you tonight (NOT!)!

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