Friday, October 9, 2009

The Winners of the Fall Giveaway!

The Giveaway has ended here at One Blessed Mama! I wanted to announce the winners...

Using Random.Org, the winners were:

Comment #3 : Theresa on Oct. 5 at 13:08

and the 2nd winner is
Comment #24 : Donielle on Oct. 9 at 13: 16

Then, because y'all have been so much fun this week if you email me with your information, I would love to send y'all out a sample of Basic H2.

Basic H2™ Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate

This little 16 oz bottle creates an unbelievable 48 gallons of super-safe, really powerful, double-concentrated, all purpose cleaner. We challenge you to use it up any time soon to clean everything from spilled milk, to bug guts on the window, to splattered spaghetti sauce. Now go, get cleaning.

For all-purpose cleaning: Add 1/4 tsp. to 16 oz. of water.

For windows and mirrors: Add 1-2 drops to 16 oz. of water.

For degreasing: Add 1 1/2 tsp. to 16 oz. of water. For bigger jobs, add 2 oz. to 1 gallon of water.

For more on this product you can click here.


The sample you will be receiving is enough to make a 16 oz. bottle of window cleaner and a 16 oz. bottle of all-purpose cleaner.

This is also my cleaning staple at home. I could NOT live without it! So if you're interested in this please email me at Jodi If you are one of the winners please do so also and I will include the Basic H2 sample in with your Basic G.

Thanks so much for stopping by this week and I pray a blessing on all your families! :)

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Faerie Mom said...

That's so sweet! I am emailing you now.....