Thursday, October 1, 2009


So with all this blogging about family and home, you would think I would have it somewhat together but I DO NOT! Shocker, huh?

So here is the dilema I have, my son, Dylan, just turned four years old, BUT he looks like a seven year old. He is VERY tall and VERY mature!

We started homeschooling this year, so I look for ways that he can learn socialization.

We live in a neighborhood that has a TON of kids in the almost five to 11 years old age range. I am fine with Dylan playing with the kids, BUT I really want him to play at our home. I do not want him riding all over the neighborhood and running inside and outside houses.

The families look nice, but I don't really know the families and I really want Dylan, the younger one, to be close to home.

So here's my question... I really want to be the Christian home where love and kindness draws the kids in and they really want to play here. BUT, how do you compete with the neighbors who have all the cool toys and NO rules?

I am really torn. Am I being to over-protective and sheltering him instead of letting him go out to their homes? Am I just listening to my inner voice?!?


Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

I find baked goods win kiddlins over, LOL. I struggle with the same thing, but I won't change my ways. I'll call a child on inappropriate words, being mean, etc. I really haven't had issues with them not wanting to come back over. I do daycare & I'm even firmer with them, and they still love coming over. Kids draw kids, that's honestly what I've learned!

realgranola said...

Home made cookies and treats will do it !

momstheword said...

Well, my thought is that if you don't listen to your inner voice and something happens, then you will wish you'd listened.

I suppose I may not be the one to talk to because we were very careful with our children and very protective.

We never allowed them to play with really older children but only allowed a two year age difference.

And at four, they only played at our house or the home of my neighbor (whom I trusted). I never allowed him to run around the neighborhood, and never would let him play unsupervised with a group of much older kids.

So I don't think that you are wrong in wanting to protect him. He is only four!

Besides, when he is older he will have friends running in and out of your home! That's what happened with us.

Zimmersgirl said...

At four years we let them play out in the yard. It was unusual because in our subdivision there were kids that were 2 and 3 running around unsupervised, but my kids knew the boundaries.

Someone said kids draw kids...and that's what happened. My kids knew they couldn't leave our yard (we don't have fence but they were really good about it) and we kept a bucket full of fun stuff out there, so they were always busy. Also, we had "unique' ideas that the other kids found interesting.

Like in summer we did the whole ice or water painting on the driveway, etc.

While the kids like the "gadgets" they also really enjoy the basics and are drawn to it. We often had kids in the yard and my boys would come in for more "drinks" or "pops" (popsicles) because someone else would drop by.

We are still careful with our children hanging out with kids that are too much older. My eldest is 15 and the only ones older she gets to hang with is an older girl at church who has taken her under her wing and we've talked to her extensively to make sure she's a good influence. Even still, we struggle with the fact that Taters wants to do some of the things the other girl can do but can't because of her age.