Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quick Question, Answers Extremely Welcome!

So here is a quick question with an answer GREATLY appreciated!!

Next week I am going to be kicking off !No Spend November!. As I promised I am going to be tackling one area of spending per week. Here are the topics and I wanted you to give opinions and comments on what you are most interested in first! You know what? I might just try putting a poll up on my blog... VOTE!

  1. How we save with utilities.
  2. How we save on groceries.
  3. How we save decorating.
  4. How we save on transporation.
  5. How we save on clothing/hair/personal hygiene.

Exciting stuff!?! I am super pumped!! Now everyone VOTE (and if I don't figure out the poll thing, comment)!!

1 comment:

Lisa C said...

Wow, so excited for your "No Spend November" - I'd like to hear about transportation or utilities first. Oh and btw, holy blogging machine batman! I stop in for my daily drop-by and have a ton of reading to do - love it!