Sunday, February 8, 2009

Are you Stagnant?

Today's sermon was about being stagnant in our faith. It was really good to hear. I have been going through a time in my walk where I am not stagnant. I have found that there is another negative to that though.

I have been setting aside time every day to dive into the Word and spend time in prayer. I have made it a quiet time where no kids are running and my heart can be quiet before the Lord.

I have found that on the negative side- the devil uses that. He tries every way that he can to come in and make it hard on me.

I am a very productive type person. I like to mark things off of my to-do list. It makes me feel good. I have found that the devil comes in and starts planting seeds of unproductiveness in my mind. He then starts letting thoughts of things to get done intrude upon my quiet time. I fought that by taking a pad of paper with me and writing them down quickly and then pushing them out of my mind.

The latest thing the devil has started is making me feel undeserving and guilty. I have a hard time praying and reading the Word without feel like I don't deserve God's love or what he has given me.

So as I sat there and listened to Pastor Roger's sermon I prayed continually about my quiet time and how the devil is bringing old baggage to my mind and it is making me discontent.

I think that I am going to have to start being diliberate and telling the devil, In the name of Jesus I cast you away. Be gone from my mind.

I have never been so aware of a spiritual battle going on within myself. This has totally brought the whole demons among us thing to light.

I grew up in a Christian home but not until recent years took my relationship with the Lord into my own hands. I have just recently made it my own. I have lots of questions but I am blessed to have friends and a husband and family who are patient and take the time to explain and help me through my questions.

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