Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some Random Thoughs...

I do not have a lot of exciting or insightful things to write about today so you're just going to get some random thoughts.

  • I know it was going to happen yesterday with the kids acting like they were. We are living a booger nosed society today. Baby has a fever and 3yo has a BAD attitude.
  • I am really trying to work hard on Weight Watchers.
  • We are working on becoming DEBT FREE! It sometimes feels hopeless and sometimes I feel hopeful. We can conquer!
  • I was beginning to get into good habits of exercising and reading my Bible everyday but over the past couple days I have not. MUST START tomorrow.
  • I have a meeting at church tonight to help with something that I didn't even know happened at our church. Hmm...
  • My sitemeter must be wrong because it says that a lot of people are reading my blog but that must be wrong for two reasons... 1) I am not that interesting that people that don't know me would want to read about my daily musings and 2) NO ONE IS LEAVING COMMENTS! People how do I know you're out there if there is only silence from your end? :)
  • My house is a lot dirtier than I would like.
  • There are a lot of people that disagree with my parenting style. Not that that is bad. There is NO such thing as perfect parenting. BUT I just so happen to think mine is right. :) I just believe that the model parent is God and God made it so we know there are consequences such as hell for not following is guidelines and asking Jesus to forgive us. So... shouldn't if I am following God as the model parent-let my children know there are consequences for their actions? (Not necessarily Hell, but you know.. Sitting in the bath tub with no toys and water? Wow that is a whole 'nother post for a whole 'nother day. :))
  • My husband is going running tonight before he comes home.
  • My goals was to be able to run a 5K in a friend's brother's memorial but it doesn't look like that is going to happen in May. I am still over weight and have NO idea how to get back into it since I have had two babies, asthma has returned, and I am a tad bit over weight (okay that is an understatement...). Any ideas? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • I am a really boring person.
  • The boys won't take naps.
  • I need to get off of here and go get some house chores down.

Okay that is all for now from the Land of Green Boogers and Bad Attitudes!

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