Sunday, February 22, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I really haven't had time to sit and think about what this week is going to bring so I am throwing together a menu, knowing it could change. One thing that is certain, every day when Andy get home I have to go over to my great-grandmother's for a couple hours and clean her place up. So here it goes!

Monday-- going to the in-laws for leftovers from the church birthday party (Hey- I am not above leftovers when I don't have to cook!)

Tuesday-- Bourbon Chicken with Rice and fruit

Wednesday-- Sirloin and gravy over potatoes with carrots

Thursday-- Lemonade chicken with sweet potatoes and green beans.

Friday-- Pasta with sauce with a salad

Saturday-- Homemade Pizza

Sunday-- Pork chops with rice, carrots, and green beans.

Happy Menu Planning! For more menus go here.

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