Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time to Catch Up...

This blog has been silent I know. I have decided on a few things with my blog. One I would like to be more fervent in keeping this updated so that people will know what is going on in my life. And second that I am not going to name my family but I am going to drop the names. It is just too hard!

Many things I have been going on since my last post right after Christmas. So let's begin.

Most recently we went on a cruise with my whole family (will type more on that in a different post). We had a great time and the time away was much needed.

I have taken up babysitting for some extra cash.

We started Debt Reduction hard care again and are looking forward to the day that we pay off all our debt. It has been a struggle for us of late.

The baby has gotten so big. He is going to be TEN months tomorrow! He is almost 20 lbs. and is trying to start to walk!

I have began to dive into my daily Bible reading and quiet time and I have also began exercising daily. It is hard to fit in with the kids and all the craziness going on around here but I have found that since I have begin making it a habit it has become easier.

Andy has finished his term as the church Christian Education chair to make a full go at getting the Young Adults group going strong. There have been a lot of situations going on in the group that need prayer and encouragement.

Lately I have been having a "spiritual warfare" going on inside. As I have dove deeper in the Word and my prayer life the devil has been playing with my emotions.

This weekend Andy is going to do a one day missions trip with our church. He is very excited. I am excited that our church is getting into more Missions and are GOING out with the Word. I think as Christians a lot of time we stick to our own because it is easier. It is easier than the rejection and criticism of the world. BUT as Christians we are called to GO and make disciples. THAT my friends is the hard part.

So that is my QUICK catch up on what is going on in my life. I am going to be updating this a lot more because it is a way to keep everyone up to date without telling this over and over again. Hopefully people will read it more and will stay up to date more!

Hope everyone has a GREAT day tomorrow!

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