Thursday, February 5, 2009


Lately, I have been working on self-discipline and focusing. I always start a task and then go answer the phone or go and do something else. This week I have really been working on focusing on the task at hand. When I am cleaning, I am cleaning. When I am doing my Bible Study, I am doing my Bible study, etc.

I have a hard time focusing because it seems like our phone is always ringing. I am always so glad when it rings so that I can stop what I am doing and chat, but recently those "short" chats have turned into hours of listening and giving input. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some good conversation BUT I am getting none of my housework done. I have really been working hard on seeing my job in the home as serving my family the the Lord has blessed me with. Now I wish I could lie and say that my attitude has transformed over night but it hasn't. I still get jealous at friend's who ALWAYS get to go out to eat. (With my husband, you know that just won't fly :)) I still compare my life to friend's lives that don't have any kids and don't have a mess to be constantly cleaning. I know that that is just crazy but sometimes the devil sends me into that trap.

So with that I am looking to the busy day ahead of me. It involves:

* Running the boys to school which is an hour venture ( their school is 25 mins. away).
* Coming home and fitting in a workout (my other goal since we got back.)
* Shower
* Do some cleaning around the house.
* 3 yo home from preschool and have lunch and rest time.
* a friend's kids from 1-4 so she can go to a job interview. Y'all can be praying for that.
* Andy's going to run before he comes home.
* Dinner and cleanup. Dinner is easy tonight. I bought leftover chicken from the chuch fellowship meal last night and I am going to turn them into chicken sandwiches with oven fries and applesauce.
* friend's kids coming back around 6:30 so she can go to work
* play with the kids for an hour or so
* put the 4 youngest to bed
* waiting until the babies fall asleep and send the oldest up
* Then sweet blessed time to spend with my husband in the quiet of kids going to sleep.

I have been reading a good book lately. It is one written by Donna Otto. It's called Finding Your Purpose as a Mother. It talks about building your home on holy ground. It is awesome so all my friends that are young mothers reading this everywhere pick it up. You will truly be blessed by it.

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