Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine's Day

I was at reading her blog today about Valentine's Day. I have never really thought a lot about Valentine's day or even thought much more than it was a Hallmark Holiday. BUT I think this year I will give it a whirl.

A lot of times I have thought that I shouldn't need ONE special day a year to show people that I care. Now I have been thinking that I show them everyday but this day can be fun and it could show those I love just how much I love them.

When you start having kids the dates with your spouse really start dwindling as the more kids you have the harder it is to find a babysitter. So as I sit here with all the screaming, bickering, and running (WHO KNOWS WHY PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO WATCH THESE KIDS! :) ) I am really thinking about all the cool things the kids and I can plan to do as a family on Valentines Day. Anyone have any good ideas?

Another thought as I was reading a blog at this site about all the cool crafts she does with her kids, it hit me that I do not do enough. I just run around the house trying to keep it clean. As I commented on her simple, yet adorable crafts with the kids- I need to stop thinking of it as yet another mess to clean and start thinking of it as memory making and time spent with the kids. So I am off to find some super simple and cute crafts to do with the kids.

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