Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Valentine's Day at the Davis House

This was the beautiful day that I woke up to. This is a picture looking out my front door. So-- Happy Valentine's Day!

These are the Valentines that I got up early to put up on the walls so that when everyone came down they would be able to read what I loved about them. I loved the looks on the boys faces- especially Andy's.

Andy's Special Valentine.

Dylan's Special Valentine.

Lincoln's Special Valentine.

Here I am making our Valentine's Day Breakfast.

The heart pancakes we had for breakfast.

Lincoln is enjoying his Heart pancakes for Valentine's breakfast.

Dylan is REALLY glad to be eating his Valentine's sucker for breakfast!

We went to take Valentine's Day pictures. The boys are getting so big so we take every chance possible to take pictures. My dad is a photographer so that is really nice.

Happy Valentine's Day from the Davis' family.

An honest picture of the family.

I love my boys. They were my Valentine's! :)

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Mel said...

I love the pictures. They are great. I'm so glad you had a good Valentine's day!