Monday, February 9, 2009

No Sleep, Girl Talk, Pee, Poo-splosion, and Melt Downs

Last night I sat down and made a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish today.

That has not been how the day has turned out. I started out strong cleaning out the kitchen pantry (hmm.. I was supposed to do that Saturday.). I organized it and kept a record of everything in there because for some reason I have like um... 25 cream of chicken soups!

Then my friend Sarah came over (her kids spent the night while she worked) and said that she was not very tired. So we decided to ditch all plans to be responsible and go have a girls day. Now let me tell you - we're on a tight budget in these time and in these parts -but we made the best of it. We went to her house and had a marvelous lunch. We then decided to make a big crock of bean soup, look through cookbooks, play on facebook, and just have some good ol' girl talk. It was a really great afternoon. All the kids actually fell asleep!!

I then loaded everyone back in the car and headed home determined that I was going to hit my t0-do list before Andy got home (and I get to leave in sweet bliss of quietness!) but as we pulled in I smelled too totally different smells. One being the horrible smell of pee that my 3 yo was wearing and two was the poo smell the baby was wearing (I would not recommend those perfumes to any young man who is trying to catch a woman!). I came in the house cleaned my 3 yo up and then headed out to clean the van (keep in mind Sarah lives TWO blocks away!!). I then decided to tackle the poo diaper and as soon as I tried to pull off the baby's pants and onesie discovered that the poo paste was holding them glued on. In the mean time I ask the 3 yo to go upstairs and get in bed. Mama needed a minute! I told him he could play or read. Here comes melt down number one. I then proceed with the poo-slosion. It is every where- all over the carpet, baby and at this point me- and the 3 yo is standing there screaming hysterically. Now before y'all start to judge, this is not normal at my house. My son is normally very well behaved.

So now as I sit here listening to melt down number 2 from the 3 yo and melt down number 3 from the baby (who drastically needs a nap), I just had to laugh when my husband called and asked how things were going and IF I was heading to workout. BET YOUR BOOTY I AM!

But as I write this I can't help but think about how blessed I am. I have sons who are healthy enough to pee and poop and also have voices and screams. There are so many people longing just for children that I can't help but stop and thank the Lord for even the rough afternoons!

ETA: I am forfeiting and not looking at my to-do list for the rest of the day. This is one of those days that I think God is using the interruptions.

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