Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gratituesday- My Rest Haven

Today I am gratiful for my Haven. Things have been crazy in my life right now, I feel really discouraged and tired- but God has blessed me with a great haven.

We have been diligent in making our home a haven and it has really paid off- attitudes are better, it is re-energizing and a great place to come to when the world has you down.

In this economic times, I know we might not be the most wealthy people but God has been faithful and we have a beautiful home.

Today I am praising God for blessings in my home such as my husband and children. Without them, my home wouldn't be a haven.

Hope your day is full of sweet blessings! For more gratituesday go to Heavenly Homakers.


It Feels Like Chaos said...

So true! I, too, am thankful for my home and am actually becoming more of a homebody the older I get. There is just no place I'd rather be!

Shelley a.k.a. Momma said...

You are right...sometimes it is so easy to overlook the best things!