Saturday, February 28, 2009

If I Knew How to Start a Carnival...

If I knew how to start a carnival I would start one today called Saturday Smiles. I know for us it is hard to stop the hurried days of the week and slow down to savor the weekend with your family. Therefore, I would start a carnival where we could share something that makes us smile about our family either in a picture or thought. I think that would do me a lot of good as we begin into a weekend of rest, relaxation, and mediation with our family and our Heavenly Father.

I think I am going to start one. I will look into figuring out how to begin it but for now here is something that makes me smile when I think of it.

It was a really hot July and Dylan was going through the hat box. He found this hat and refused to take it off. It was so hot but he was just so cute. I smile when I think of all the crazy, fun times we have ahead with our two great little boys. Now I am off to begin making new memories with my family.

Have a Saturday full of Smiles with your family and don't forget the Lord has blessed you with those sweet little times full of happiness!

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