Thursday, November 19, 2009

bloggy break...

Tonight, scratch that I mean tomorrow EARLY in the morning (12 AM) I am going to be taking part in the craze of New Moon!

I am ecstatic of the chance for girl time with my sister in law and good friend, Jenni. We will be hopefully meeting up with more people.

Don't worry, oh dear friends, I will be taking my camera! So don't dismay!! :)

This weekend will also just be jammed pack with things to do and the beginning of Holiday events. Therefore, I am taking a bloggy break and I going to be doing "reruns!" also known as some of my favorite. If I can, I am going to slip in some pictures from tonight's exciting event (by the way... I am a wolf-pack, Jacob, fan if anyone cares! Oh, and I also LOVE Alice!).

Happy Weekend Friends!

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