Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No Spend November: A Trip to the Whole Foods Store

So, today I am going to be taking you through all the steps of a Whole Foods Store trip.
I regret to inform you that I forgot my camera when we went to the store, but hopefully, you will get the idea of what it's like to go.

I only go the the store once a month. It is a good distance away and I am trying to get out of the habit of going to the store every week.

This past week when I went, I stocked up on three months worth of supplies. With it being a trip to take, I decided with the weather predictions, I'd rather be safe than sorry. I also got a lot of Christmas baking decorations and convenience foods. Therefore the first part of the list is going to be normal items and the second will be not necessary.

I keep a detailed inventory and grocery price list. I try not to buy excess that I won't use. Therefore, if it seems like I really didn't get that much, it's because I already had some at home.

So here are the items I got from last week's trip:

2- .50 lb. whole wheat elbow macaroni -- $2.45/lb. = $2.45

1- 1.79 lb. white cornmeal -- $.98/lb. = $1.75

4 - dozen free range eggs-- $2.09/dozen = $8.36

1- 2 lb. roll of Real Butter -- $6.53/2 lb. = $6.53

1- .45 lb. no msg. beef base-- $7.35/lb. = $3.31

1-.53 lb. no msg. chicken base-- $4.45/lb. = $2.36

1- .67 lb. wheat gluten-- $3.18/lb. =$2.13

1-.26 lb sliced almonds-- $4.15/lb. =$1.08

2- 5 lb. rapadura-- $1.10/lb. =$11.00

2- 1.39 lb. egg noodles-- $1.90/lb. =$5.02

1-1.61 lb. raw wheat germ--$1.29/lb. =$2.08

1-1.16 lb. cocoa powder-- $3.22/lb. =$3.74

1-5 lb. whole wheat pie/pastry flour--$.48/lb. =$2.40

2-5 lb. whole wheat flour--$.56/lb. =$5.60

1-5 lb. sucanat--$1.13/lb. =$5.65

1-1.55 lb. chocolate chips--$3.02/lb. =$4.68

1-1.63 lb. whole grain yellow cornmeal--$.59/lb. =$.96

1-.79 lb. whole wheat spirals--$2.54/lb. =$2.01

1-2.21 lb. lentils--$1.68/lb. =$3.71

2-1 lb. Ohio organic raw honey--$4.65/lb. =$9.30

1-.09 lb. oregano--$10.90/lb. =$.98

1-.26 lb. minced onion--$8.18/lb. =$2.13

2-.50 lb. almond butter--$5.95/lb. =$5.95

1-1.97 lb. yellow cornmeal--$.56/lb. =$1.10



Fun/Convenience Foods

1-1.98 lb. ladyfinger popcorn--$1.59/lb. =$3.15

1-16 oz. butter topping =$3.71

1-.83 lb. mint cappacino--$3.18/lb. =$2.64

1-2.93 baking chocolate--$2.98/lb. =$8.73

2-1.78 baking wh. chocolate--$3.27/lb. =$11.64

1-1.41 lb. blueberry muffin mix--$1.87/lb. =$2.64

1-1.32 lb. spelt pancake mix--$2.99/lb. =$3.95

1-.58 lb. creamy, no msg. broccoli soup mix--$5.48/lb. =$3.18

1-.44 lb. chow mein noodles-- $2.44/lb. =$1.07

1-.23 lb. gingerbread mix--$6.28/lb. =$1.44

1- gingerbread house kit =$6.22

1-.28 lb. red decorating sugar--$2.99/lb. =$.84



All the loot I came home with....

I put all the items in the grocery book, find a jar, and fill it.

I label each of the jars with tape on the bottom.

Lincoln playing with the decorating sugar. He was just too cute!

We took a break for lunch. You can see all the "loot" in the back round.

I have a chest that I put all the excess that does not fit in jars.

All my staples in their jars on the shelf.

It usually takes a whole day to finish all this and get the mess picked up. That is another reason that I only go once a month. It is a lot of work.

How about you do you go to the store once a month, multiple times, weekly?


Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

WOW! Lots of great stuff & some good deals! I love the pics of the kids helping!

Janet said...

Wow! That is inspiring. I was struck by the awesome price on those free range eggs. I have been considering moving toward buying in bulk in hopes it would make more natural products more affordable.

Courtney said...

LOL! Janet thought your eggs were cheap and I was thinking the opposite. We get ours for $1.50/dz.
Your whole foods store must be fabulous, we do not have that kind of variety at all!! You did a great job. I'm wondering a couple things... so, do you make another trip to a grocery store to buy milk and fresh produce? Also, our store doesn't carry rapadura, only sucanat. I see that you bought both. Do you use them differently? I thought they were basically the same thing.