Friday, November 6, 2009

A Letter...

Dear Mr. Sitemeter,

Mr. Sitemeter, I regret to inform you that I believe it best if we part ways. You were a good friend for a long time but the time has come.

See, with you, Mr. Sitememeter, comes an addiction to checking and seeing how many people have visited my website and from what location. That addiction is costing me my contentment. My contentment leaves when I get on and check you, when I see that the numbers aren't quite what I want them to be. I would really like my blog to be growing more than it is, but it only will be God's hand.

Therefore Mr. Sitemeter, I believe the devil is using you. I started this blog to share my journey, have a few laughs, but most of all glorify the Lord. Mr. Sitemeter, when your numbers don't show just the number I'd like and my contentment leaves, so does my yearning to glorify and the devil wins. That just isn't going to work!

I am going to be getting rid of you because you just are not worth losing heart over. I am going to pray that God uses my blog and that people get out of it what He wants. You are not going to win Mr. Sitemeter and Devil. Sweet Jesus and I will prevail!!


Courtney said...

Love it! Good for you kicking that temptation to the curb.

Lisa C said...

I hear you! I used to have one of those feedjit things - it was too much pressure!