Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Home Furnishings

This week I am sharing tips to decorate your home on a budget. Now I have to have an honesty moment with you. I am totally grossed out by the thought of second hand furnishings. I know that sounds so spoiled of me but I just got all funny feeling when I have no idea where the couch I am sitting has come from.

Therefore, a lot of our furnishings are new when we get them. When we moved from our rental home to our new, we over doubled our living space. So we needed to get some furnishings. I had never heard of this store, but Andy had gotten all his previous furnishings from there and the name is IKEA. Now here is the thing... When we wanted to get some furniture from IKEA, there is was not one around here and shipping was horrendous. Therefore we saved and scrimped our money and one afternoon we went on a road trip to IKEA up in Michigan. It was about a 6 hour drive, but well worth it.

When I go around our home, we furnished our whole house (1 queen size bed, huge closet dresser, 4 dressers, 4 end tables, 2 night stands, a bunk bed, kitchen table (seats 10), 10 chairs, breakdown table, book shelf, and couch) on less than what a lot of people spend on a frumpy living room set.

Now once again, there will come a day (hopefully) when we have the money and the kids aren't drawing on everything with crayons that I will be able to spend a lot of money on a living room set but now is not the time, nor do we have the money.

Therefore shopping at IKEA, worked for me, worked for my home and worked for my budget. Here are a few pictures of our IKEA furniture.

our bed

couch and end tables

kitchen table, chairs, and shelving unit
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MrsKBJ said...

I love Ikea! It is such a fun store. We just furnished our office with a desk and bookcase from them.

Theresa said...

Ikea is great. Haven't been in about 5 years as it is far away but love it anyways. I am with you on the used furniture thing. It would have to look brand new for me to even consider it.


Janet said...

I aspire to shop at Ikea. I have friends who live close to an Ikea and many of their furnishing come from there. I love their stuff but have had to make do without them. We have slowly collected furnishings over the years. We had plenty of hand me downs from family members that got us started and have replaced them very gradually. I bought a new kitchen table and chairs from a local furniture company a couple of years ago. I was similar to a set I wanted at another store but only 1/4 the cost. I love the shelving unit by the way. I seriously want one.

Jhona O. said...

Oh how I love IKEA!!! We discoverd Ikea while living in Germany. It was great. They hadn't yet switched to using the Euro so it was so inexpensive for us! Your bedroom and living room are super cute!!! Love your dining room too. I wish we had a store closer to us!!!

momstheword said...

We love IKEA, although we don't go often. We have bought some bookshelves, coffee table and my son's bed came from there too, as well as a few random items.

I know what you mean about the couch. I have never bought a used couch but was given one from a relative. I just figure you never know what you're sitting on at someone's house anyway.

However, with my asthma and allergies it's best if I get a new one or get one from someone I know.

Now you're making me want to visit IKEA but I can't today!