Monday, November 2, 2009

Gratituesday: My Halloween Flat Tire

Do y'all have plans?

Are you extremely particular about your plans?

Oh, not I... cough.. cough..Ok... Ok.. Actually, I AM!

I had our Trick-or-Treat running about planned to a T and there was no room for error!

We had to be at...

Place A from 4:45-5:00
Place B from 5:00-5:30
Place C from 5:30-6

AND....That's where we stopped... We didn't get past Place C for a long time.

We were right on schedule leaving Place C, getting ready to put Yoda in his car seat and Andy looks down...

What is that?!? We have NO time for error!! It was a flat tire. Sitting there, right on the curb, FLAT as a pancake!

I am fit to be tied!! Though, I am not stupid, I am not going to show how upset I am to my husband who is on the ground jacking up a tire... I'm NO dummy!!!

About that time my aunt comes out (we are from the same hot-blooded, red headed tempered women), she was a miracle worker. She took Yoda from me, told my cousin to get Dylan, and then told me to follow. We walked in the house and my aunt grabbed the boys bags and took us trick-or-treating around their neighborhood.

It was a really nice time. It didn't matter that we weren't able to get to Place D until late, I had a relaxed and enjoyable time with my aunt and cousin. A time that I wouldn't have shared if I had rushed to the next place.

They also took care of my kids while we walked around. The took them up to the doors and carried them. They even picked them up when they feel down. All I had to do was walk behind and enjoy. It was truly a blessing.

The other blessing that came out of the flat tire happening on Halloween.... Andy has training this week and will not be able to get out of the office and will be working late. If I were to have been driving around this week and had gotten the flat by myself and with the kids, I would have been hysterical and Andy would have been upset. I do not do situations like that well. I would have broken down.

Therefore, God knew just what I needed, just when the tire should blow. Sometimes, I am just amazed about how it seems that He has his hand in the littlest situations in my life. Situations, that don't really matter in the scheme of things.

So not only were we kept safe this Halloween holiday, I was blessed by God's little interruptions.
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Janet said...

I love how God can use things that seem like such an inconvenience to be wonderful blessings in our lives. Great post.