Thursday, November 5, 2009

Things I Love Thursday: My Favorite Kitchen Gadget!

Going with the theme of food this week, I wanted to share a Thing I LOVE in the kitchen.

I think this handy, dandy kitchen gadget is much more than something to help you prepare meals, it is something to help you save money!!

Would anyone like to take a ponder and guess?!?

Ok... ok... I'll tell you... Drum roll please....ddrrrrrrrrrrd...

Whoever invented this suckers should have won a Nobel Prize (is that possible for kitchen gadgets!?)!

I don't know how anyone could have ever worked (lived) in the kitchen without them! There is not one kitchen task that I do that does not involve a spatula.

I have found also, a spatula saves our family a lot of money. When you use a spatula to remove food from bowls, I find that we "spatula out" an extra serving. AN EXTRA SERVING?!? That is lunch for my husband tomorrow.

The lesson of this post, if you do not own a spatula... RUN! to the nearest store and grab yourself one of these handy, dandy kitchen gadgets!
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Debbie said...

You're absolutely right! I can't imagine cooking or baking without spatulas. Scraping out the last of the delicious batter from the mixing bowl - or the last of the mayonnaise from the jar - they are definitely great kitchen gadgets!

Ann Marie said...

I agree! I have six or seven in my utensil holder! (You can never have too many!)

ps.My boys would also like to contribute -- they make the best taste testers too!!

JessieLeigh said...

Oh, I love spatulas too! Especially those silicone jobbers- Love that they can even scrape out scalding hot stuff! Great "thing". :)

thediaperdiaries said...

I had this great one that was curved a bit so it was kind of like a spoon/spatula, but it recently died a tragic death. I need to go get a new one ASAP!!

Anonymous said...

The large one that is curved a bit from Pampered Chef is the best spatula in the world! I have a few of them because I might be using three or four at once in different bowls/pans. I LOVE that I can stir in my pots while they are cooking on the stove and not melt my spatula. And, like you, I love that I can scrape ALL of the food out and not waste any. I would not know how to cook without them! I am enjoying your blog so much! Thanks! Karen :-)

MommyAmy said...

Yup! You are absolutely right!