Thursday, November 5, 2009

No Spend November: Do I Use Coupons?

This was one of the questions I received when sharing my budget:

Do you use a lot of coupons?
No, I do not use coupons.
I used to, a lot! I was a quantity NOT quality type of girl.
Since being diagnosed with PCOS and reading a lot about proper nutrition and learning that our body needs specific nourishment, I have turned the other way. I am now a quality not quantity type of girl.
With eating whole foods, I have found that I really need to buy and make much less. Whole foods just seem to fill my family's tummies.
Also, a lot of my food comes from local sources (I am a HUGE proponent of giving my money to local sources than to Walmart). Our vegetables and fruit comes from our garden, the family farm, or farmer's markets. Almost all over things except for occasional meat, milk (which soon will be coming from a farm), and cheese is bought at the Local Whole Foods Store. All our home care products with the exclusion of toilet paper are bought through Shaklee.
But when I do need to buy some things from the grocery, I find when I use coupons or look for sales, I buy more than I really needed and thus did not end up saving any money. Therefore, using coupons just isn't for me.
However, I do know lots of people who love their coupons, so I clip out the coupons and hand them off.
I feel like a lone duck on a pond when it comes to whole foods around these parts.
"Did someone say whole foods as in a little fat too?!? No WAY!"
UGH! I get so frustrated!
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Courtney said...

I find that most coupons are for garbage food. However, there are sites like MamboSprouts where you can print off coupons for good stuff. I also check manufacturer sites for coupons. Some brands we use regularly have coupons on their sites. I totally agree that buying local and direct from the source when possible is best and typically cheaper.
I like clipping and passing along coupons too. People are SOOO grateful for diaper and formula coupons and it provides an open door for promoting cloth and breastfeeding, the reasons I don't need those coupons. :)

Mialee said...

I've been diagnosed with PCOS, too. Do you have any good resources on proper nutrition? I second your opinion on coupons. I can get good deals on butter, cereal, and sometimes pasta sauce, but like you said, mostly it's for junk food. Too bad there aren't coupons for produce!

~Laurie~ said...

I was just recently diagnosed with PCOS as well and am trying to get the handle of of it all. I'm trying to eat clean, mainly no processed foods and no white flour or sugar ... what other ways are you being treated for it? I have high cholesterol from it as well and I have a hrd time with that becuase I dont watn to be put on medicine for it at such a young age.