Thursday, January 21, 2010

Food Flops and an Emergency Fund!

Now I couldn't  help but think about our recent debt repayment flops when this incident happened (Plus it's just really funny and I wouldn't be a good little blogging buddy if I didn't share it with you!):

I have been on a conquest to start making our foods all from scratch and not processed. I happened upon my first food flop this week. I was trying to make my own yogurt and somehow I made something the resembled soured cottage cheese. My poor husband is always the guinea pig (Hey! I'm not dummy!). Here are the pictures to document:

"Honey, this doesn't look like yogurt..."

And being the good wife I am.... I started chanting.... "EAT IT! EAT! EAT IT!"

And being the good husband he is (or just trying to get me to hush...), he....


And he says "ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!?"

Now that I gave you a little comedy relief, I want to share with you just how this pertains to paying off debt.

Sometimes, we have the best intentions. We come up with a budget and we chart our course to repaying debt. Then something comes up. Something always comes up... What do you do if you have cut up all your credit cards?

The next step in the Road to Financial Freedom is saving money for a rainy day. Dave Ramsey calls is your umbrella on a rainy day. He says to save $1000 fast or $500 if you have a family income of less than $25,000/year.

An example in my life is my van tires. We just paid a ton of money to get new tires for my van about two months ago. Andy comes in tonight and says, "Why is your van tire totally flat?"

It ended up that I drove over a screw. Ack!!

If we didn't have money in our emergency savings account, we would have had to open a credit card, get a loan or another method to pay the tire people. All of those are detrimental in paying off debt.

So next step... save for a rainy day as fast as you can!!
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Janet said...

Hooray for emergency funds! Sorry about your tire though.

I had to LOL at the yogurt experiment. My oldest had a dairy allergy up until about a year and a half ago. We lived in a small town when she was little with very little access to non-dairy items. I tried several times to make yogurt but it always tasted awful. I eventually just gave up and yogurt was just a very rare treat if we could find some soy yogurt somewhere. We moved to Kentucky when she was 5 and could buy her all the non-dairy yogurt, pudding and ice cream she wanted. She was one happy kid.

Misty said...

Poor hubby! :)

Keep working on that debt - it's a pain, but one day it'll be worth it, huh? (I keep telling myself that...:)

shopannies said...

WOW so sorry about your tire sometimes life throws us curves but if you hold strong you will find your way again