Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pantry Eating: Week 1

I made it through Eat From the Pantry Challenge week #1. We stuck to our menu plan and ate at home every day and night. Honestly, it was not that much work. We have a TON of food that is just begging to be eaten up. The picture of my stock pile hasn't changed at all.

The only challenge that presented itself was when we didn't have one little thing for a recipe. I did a lot of searching the net and substituting. It really was a good thing for me to learn.

I know that many moms are a lot better at this that me but going through the refrigerator and using up little items (such as a 1/2 c. of sour cream) before it went bad totally made me feel great! I know I was a self-proclaimed "waste not, want not" queen but we were throwing a huge amount of left-overs away!

A couple things I used up were white rice by throwing it into a crock of soup and sour cream by throwing it into a pot of mashed potatoes. I cannot believe how invigorated I was just by doing those two simple things!

Also for the first time I am looking into my refrigerator and planning around leftovers! Woot! "I'm queen of the World!" Sorry I'm a little triumphant! (You over there, I see you rolling your eyes but trust me, I hate leftovers so this is huge! :))

I am going onward with the challenge next week. It should be easily done since the are projected a major snow storm heading our way. I know that I said I would be taking this a week at a time but I am wondering if I have such a big stockpile that I should continue you on even into the next month. Just a little thought... We'll cross that bridge when we get there!

How are you doing with the pantry challenge? Haven't started? Well today is the day. Come one and jump on the wagon. It's good fun!

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Anjanette said...

Made it through my first week! Found your blog through twitter and the #pantry tag. :) Enjoying taking in all that you have to say!