Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Need Your Help!

*PLEASE if you don't normally comment PLEASE leave one with ideas and your opinions!*

I am part of the Women's Ministry leadership team at my church. I have been feeling God speaking to my heart as I have been writing the Women Blessing Women series and unfortunately or fortunately, whatever it might be, He is convicting me.

Jodi, why do you have such good words but your actions are few?

Thus where my idea came from. We have not done a Holiday Bazaar in a long time. I have come up with an idea and I would like some input from y'all:

I would like to call the bazaar The Crafts for Christ Holiday Bazaar.

All money we make would be going to the Benevolence Fund at our church to help families in the community through hard economical and financial times.

I want to start a group for SAH women to gather every third Tuesday at our church for Crafts for Christ. You don't have to work on crafts if crafts isn't your thing, support and fellowship are just as important in my opinion! Also it would be great if some of my SAH friends would join us!

Now for your help! I would love to know...

If you came to a Holiday bazaar, what crafts/ideas would you be interested in? If you live in our area, what crafts/ideas/ways could we get you to come and fellowship/help/support, whatever it may be, on Crafts for Christ Tuesday?

I appreciate your input! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are truly a blessing to me...


Misty said...

What a wonderful idea! What about scarves - since they are so trendy? Or little baby blankets - people love cute baby blankets. You can crochet, knit or even make fleece ones...

Maybe crocheted/knit bookmarks that ladies would like to use in their Bibles?

I'll post again if anything comes to mind...

Courtney said...

I'm a dork so I don't know what a bazaar is, I'm thinking craft show/flea market type thing? Here are some of the items that stand out as things I've seen at those:

~baby bibs
~scarves(knitted, fleece, sewn)
~those mix in a jar thingies(I'm so technical, ay?)
~sugar scrub in a little jar(I've never seen homemade ones for sale, but they are on my to-do list and I LOVE sugar scrub so I'd definitely buy it!)
~little lovey blankets
~I-Spy bags
~children's church bags(hand-sewn bag with quiet activities:colors, etc)
~aprons :)
~crocheted washcloths
~I LOVE to buy handmade soaps/lotions/etc. (I have a wonderful source for the fixings for goat's milk soap/lotion if you'd like it)

... that's all I've got at the moment. I'll come back or call ya if I get any more. :)

Anonymous said...

I look for small gifts - like ornaments, votive holders, wooden toys. I also look for unique items. I bought hand-carved crosses at St. Peter's at the bazaar in November. I had never seen anything like them before.

Jennifer said...

I am always looking for special, home-made items with a reasonable price tag. At the bazaar I recently attended, here were items that caught my eye (and wallet):
-teas (packaged cutely)
-flower essence sprays for children
-hand-knits, particularly hats and socks
-tie-dyed children's items
-organic t-shirts dyed with natural dyes and hand-appliqued
-home-made soap
-cloth carry bags for kids (made specifically to carry crayons, or books, or toy trucks, etc...)
-also- the elementary school donated used books, which they sold for 0.50-1.00 These sold out FAST!!!

Anonymous said...

I think a bake sale is always a good idea and it brings another group of people in too view items for sale.
I look for small and sometimes funny ideas like; snowman poop in a bag, girlfriend care kits (with tea, band aids, etc.)and coffee lover kits.
Also, small items that the chidren can afford but not cheap trinkets. Since we teach the kids to give too.