Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Great Coupon Exchage: Week #1

One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to begin saving more money by couponing. I also wanted to save my friends and family money also.

I have a lot of family members giving me the coupons from their papers and I am also buying one every Sunday. So I will have a good amount of coupons. As I am sitting here cutting them out, I am seeing just how many coupons are going to waste that my family will not use.

Therefore, every Sunday afternoon I am going to go through the coupons I clip out and list which ones I will not be using. On the list will be the product, how many you have to buy, amount off, and when it expires. If you could use any, you are welcome to email me and I can bring them to you or send them to you.

I know this is kind of crazy but I have stock in stamps and I really hate waste. Therefore if you see something you can use, I will probably have multiples of the same coupon. Ask away, if you want them, you can have them!

Animal Products
*(3) Buy two and get one Free on any (1) Pedigree+ Food for Dogs (exp. 3/28/10)
*(3) $1 off on any (1) Pedigree Good Bites Treats for Dogs (exp. 2/28/10)
Grocery Products
*(3) $1 off on any Atkins Bar 5-pack (exp. 3/31/10)
*(3) $1 off on any Atkins Shake 4-pack (exp. 3/31/10)
*(3) $.65 off on any Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese (exp. 2/20/10)
*(3) $1 off on any (1) Fiber One Lowfat Cottage Cheese with Fiber (exp. 2/28/10)
*(3) $.50 off on (1) Gorton's Grilled Item (exp. 3/15/10)
*(3) $2 off on any PureVia (exp. 4/30/10)
*(3) $1 off any SUN CRYSTALS All-Natural Sweetner (exp. 3/19/10)
*(3) $1 off on any Truvia natural sweetner (exp. 3/31/10)

Health Products
*(3) $10 off on 120ct or 170ct Alli (exp. 2/13/10)
*(3) $.50 off on any Beano To-Go Product 12ct. (exp. 3/17/10)
*(3) $1 off on any Beano Product 30ct or larger (exp. 3/17/10)
*(3) $1.50 off on any (1) multipack of Boost Nutritional Drink (exp. 2/14/10)
*(3) $3 off on any (2) multipacks of Boost Glucose Control Drink (exp. 2/14/10)
*(3) $2 off on any (1) Boost Kid Essentails Nutrionally Complete Drink Multipack (exp. 2/14/10)
*(3) $2 off on any (except 30ct) Caltrate (exp. 3/31/10)
*(3) $1 off on any Campho-Phenique product (exp. 3/31/10)
*(3) $3 off on any (except 30ct) Centrum Silver (exp. 3/31/10)
*(3) $3 off on any (except 30ct) Cetrum (exp. 3/31/10)
*(3) $1 off on any Centrum Performance (exp. 3/31/10)
*(3) $2 off on any Centrum Kids (exp. 3/31/10)
*(3) Free Ensure 6-pack shake when you buy any (3) Ensure 6-pack shakes (exp. 3/31/10)
*(3) $5 off on any size or strength Ester-C product (exp. 2/24/10)
*(3) $3 off on any 90ct FiberChoice fiber supplements (exp. 1/31/10)
*(3) $1 off on any Flintstones product (exp. 3/31/10)
*(3) $2.50 off on any (1) Lactaids Fast Act Dietary Supplement (exp. 3/28/10)
*(3) $2 off on MiraLAX - 14 dose or 10 ct. carton (exp. 2/6/10)
*(3) $4 off on MiraLAX - 30 dose (exp. 2/6/10)
*(3) $1 off on any Nature's Bounty vitamins and supplements (exp.2/16/10)
*(3) $1 off on any Neo-Synephrine product (exp. 3/31/10)
*(3) $15 off on any Nicorette 100ct or larger (exp. 2/08/10)
*(3) $2 off on any One A Day product 12 ct. or larger (exp. 3/31/10)
*(3) $1 off on any (1) PEPCID, IMODIUM, ROLAIDS, MYLANTA, OR TUCKS product (exp. 4/31/10)
*(3) Buy any 2 and save up to $4 on PEPCID, IMODIUM, ROLAIDS, MYLANTA, OR TUCKS product (exp. 4/31/10)
*(3) $1 off on any Super Poligrip product (exp. 2/14/10)
*(3) $1 off on any Polident product (exp. 2/14/10)
*(3) $1 off on any (1) Selsun Blue, Selsun Blue Naturals or Selson Blue Salon (exp. 4/9/10)
*(3)$1.50 off on any (1) SlimFast Shake Multi-Pack or Shake Mix (exp. 3/28/10
*(3)$1.00 off on any (1) SlimFast Bar Multi-Pack (exp. 3/28/10)
*(3) $1 off on any Sundown Vitamin or Supplement product (exp. 2/17/10)
*(3) $2 off any (1) VIACTIV Soft Chews Dietary Supplements (exp. 3/31/10)
*(3)$1 off on any Zantac product (exp. 4/30/10)
Personal Care
*(3) $3 off on any (1) AcneFree Clear Skin System, Sensitive Skin System, OR Severe to Clear System (exp. 2/28/10)
*(3) $1 off on any (1) non-kit AcneFree treatment (2/28/10)
*(3) $1 off on any (2) CAREFREE products (exp. 3/31/10)
*(3) $5 off on any (1) FaceLift :WrinkleFree Eyes, Retinol 4X or 24 Hour FaceLift (2/28/10)
*(3)$2 off on any L'Oreal Haircolor (exp. 3/28/10)
*(3) $1 off on any Nic's Sticks Nail Lacquer (exp. 3/31/10)
*(3) $1 off on any NICOLE by OPI Nail Lacquer (exp. 3/31/10)
*(3) $5 off on any (1) Olay Professional Pro-X Facial Moisturizer or Cleanser (exp. 1/31/10)
*(3) $1 off on any (1) o.b. product (exp. 3/31/10)
*(3) Buy 1 Get 1 FREE on any STAYFREE product

Have any coupons you would like to swap with other people? Just leave a comment!

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Courtney said...

Look at you! That is quite an undertaking, and alphabetized to boot!! I think this is a great idea. Having had a baby in the past year, I get oodles of diaper/wipes/formula/baby food coupons in the mail and since we don't use ANY of those things, I am always passing them along. It's encouraging to see what a blessing they are to other families! We don't get the newspaper, so I don't have any coupons to add to your sharing list, but I do have a site to pass along. :) Not having traditional coupons to clip, I print all mine. is a great resource and always has a ton of links to new coupons and deals.