Friday, January 15, 2010


There are so many ways that you can help out Haiti. Right now, in our life there is not a lot of special change and what special change we have goes to Compassion. However, Laura is challenging every one to go to her page and link up what you can do, big or small. She is giving money for each person linked- it adds up!

My son Dylan and I have been in constant prayer for the Haitian people. We have been praising God and praying and worshipping and doing whatever we can do from here on their behalf.

Here is the latest song that we sang to the Lord on behalf of Haiti. Please listen to it and pray the words for the people of Haiti.

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Jessica said...

It is devastating to watch the news, and to listen to what is going on. But I know that our prayers are heard and what little we can do is being used by God in good ways.

MIss you chica! Say hello to your family for me!