Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Humble Beginning...

Cheryl over at Moms in Need of Mercy has a Once a Month Cooking Festival at the beginning of each month.

The idea of once a month cooking is an interesting concept. I always thought that once a month cooking wasn't for me. There were two main reasons: 1) I have ADHD and the thought of being in the kitchen for a long time (especially cooking and cleaning) just overwhelmed me and 2) By the time I got done making all the food, I would be sick of looking at it and never eat it.

BUT when looking at all my New Year's goals and what I would like to try and achieve this year, I felt I had to find easier ways to put food on the table. Something had to give.

That something was my preconceived notions of once a month cooking. Now I am not going to cook all my meals for one month at one time, but it isn't too hard to brown a little extra beef or make a bigger portion and freeze the remainder. I can do that!

Tonight we were having meatloaf. While making our meatloaf for dinner, I decided to make three extra and feed them. (The really exciting part was not only did I make three extra main dishes, but I also used up some meat that really needed to be used! Two birds, one stone!)

So here is a photo journal of my first humble beginning of "once a month cooking".

Cheryl's got some great tips on getting started so why don't you take a little gander over at Moms in Need of Mercy!?

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