Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Women Blessing Women: Listening

Listening.... Do you listen? Do you listen or do you just hear? Do you listen only with your ears or do listen with your heart and mind as well?

I believe one of the easiest and most personal thing we can do to bless other women is to listen with our ears, heart, and mind.

How often do we ask... "How are you doing?"  just to ask and not really because we want to know? We ask because it is what our culture has taught us to do. We don't always ask because we really care about how the other person is doing.

Listening to a each other and really trying to connect with each other can be a huge blessing for another woman.

Do you listen to other women? Do you ask others "How are you doing" and really value their response or do you ask just to ask? I challenge you this week to truly seek out other women and really ask them how they are doing. I small action such as listening with your ears, mind and heart can truly be a blessing to another woman.

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Courtney said...

Such common sense brilliance!

Far too often I think people don't answer the "How are you doing?" question honestly because they don't think that the one asking really cares or will truly listen. We need to be diligent in asking with the intent to listen and answering truthfully lest we deny another the opportunity to hear and join us on our journey.