Tuesday, January 5, 2010

HELP from YOU and a Giveaway!

Okay... So last week, I totally messed up and did my backwards Works for me Wednesday last week, so I am re-doing it again tonight!


I had a great post all lined up...

But never fear, I am always in need help around here.

I have three good questions for you and at the end, I have a giveaway! Woot a give-away!

Advice Needed #1:

I know I need to learn about swagbucks but it confuses me! HELP!

Advice Need #2:

I am going to start sewing this week. Where do I start? I have a lot of fabric and a sewing machine, but what next? I am interested in bags, purses, aprons, and then clothing.

Advice Needed #3:
This is a hard economy to live. Our area was devastated and doesn't seem to be bouncing back. There are some things going on around here in which I would really like (strike that as need) to earn a little $$. I am wondering if y'all have any advice on how to start earning a little money from writing and blogging. It's something I love to do. I just have NO idea where to begin and where to go with it. HELP!

Okay, now for the giveaway!

I have got to be honest... My last giveaway, Jhona won and she was so patient with me. It was during a time of health issues and family issues and I got the product out later than I would have liked, but this time, (knock on wood!) there is nothing going on but bitter Mr. Winter...

Here are is the product:

I love the Mom's Home Plan-It Calendars. The calendar is one of my organization tools.

It's hard to read but here are the features of the calendar:

  • Attaches to any surface with magnetic or standard hanger.
  • Write names only once for the whole year.
  • 442 stickers to mark: Holidays, Events, Activities, Doctor Appointments, Games, Birthdays and Carpools.
  • Includes 2 tabbed sections for contacts, reference baby-sitter info, school activities and MORE!
  • Extra-large grid to write in entries.
  • Handy storage pocket for cards, coupons receipts or whatever else!
Here are the ways to enter:
  1. Leave me a comment giving me advice on my above questions = 1 entry
  2. Follow me on facebook = 2 entries
  3. Follow my blog = 2 entries
  4. Follow me on twitter =2 entries
  5. Go through my blog and comment on your favorite post = 3 entries
  6. Write a post about the giveaway or One Blessed Mama and link back = 5 entries
I will close the giveaway at 8 PM EST on Sunday, January 10th! Start your engines!
Now readers, it's up to you! If y'all enjoy this giveaway and take part, I am thinkin' of starting a weekly or monthly giveaway over here at the blog!


Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

Jodi, Swagbucks is so awesome! The key is making sure you have the toolbar! You then search as normal and get swagbucks. Once you have 45 swagbucks you have $5 in gift card. There are TONS more things you can get, but that's the best deal and I just LOVE amazon! Check out my post here to see where to get your toolbar and if you haven't signed up I'd love it if you'd use the link in my post!

Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

Whoops here's my post!

Courtney said...

#1 ~ Swagging is great! It's just a search engine that you use in place of Google or whatever. Doing random searches earns you bucks. I think that one hit each morning/night is pretty typical. We've earned $110 in Amazon gift cards since spring. That came as a huge blessing for Christmas shopping! The key is to get people to sign up under you. Over half of our earnings have been in referrals. A button on your blog is a good way to do that. Also, when you earn a Swag Buck there is a button to have it post to your Facebook in hopes that your friends who don't swag will sign up under you.

#2 ~ You need to invite me over of course. :P
If you have a basic grasp of your machine and can sew a fairly straight line you can sew most anything you put your mind to. The internet is chock-full of free tutorials for everything you can think of. I just did a swag search for "easy bag tutorial" and found this darling little number: I think I may actually need to try that one!

#3 ~ Don't know that I can help you with that one. I know there are thing like AdSense that you can sign up through with the Monetize button on your Blogger Dashboard. I don't know how effective they are though.

melanie said...

I would love to win the calendar!

Anonymous said...

1. I love Swagbucks! I have the toolbar and just put in ANYTHING that I need to go to. Things I want to look up, websites I need to go to. The bucks add up. So far I have redeemed mine for Paypal money and Amazon cards. In fact, last year I was able to earn enough in Amazon cards to buy a Wii Fit! It's just like using google, just a different site and you can earn stuff from it!
2. You can look online for plenty of FREE tutorials/patterns to help you learn to sew. Also Joann's will have patterns sometimes for just 99cents. Also check out the library for books on sewing. I learned to sew in 4th grade and quit for a LONG time. Now I'm back to sewing and love it. I still think I'm a novice but it is fun. The more you do it the more you will get better and your stitching will become straighter. You will be amazed what you can make with a little practice!
3. Can't help you here....but good luck!

Wander said...

I'm like you....I want to learn MORE about Swagbucks! I feel intimidated!

To sew.....I love the purse/bag idea. Somewhere online are great easy instructions for making them. I've seen it with my own eyes.

Making money....I could use some tips on this myself. I like the thought of getting paid to blog! I know so many do it....but how? I don't know!

Janet said...

Swagbucks is easy peasy. It's a search engine like google. You can either go to the site or dowload the toolbar and just search like you normally do online. When you search you can win Swagbucks. You won't get them every search but I always get at least one a day. You can also get more through people you refer to swagbucks. I keep a widget on my blog so my readers can see how much I earn. I usually cash mine in for Amazon gift cards but have also gotten paypal before.

Vanessa Washburn said...

I suggest sewing a little quilt. Just sew together a few squares (I made mine 5x5) Put batting in the middle, and use a big piece of fabric wit the edges folded over to complete it. It makes a great gift for a new baby. It's a pretty simple project but it makes you feel sew accomplished!