Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Punctuation Uncovered...

No Boys Allowed!

Ok y'all... This is definitely a girls only conversation. Therefore, NO BOYS ALLOWED! Hurry, run and lock the door. Try to ignore the tapping on the door and the sweet little voice saying "mama- whatcha doing?".

Okay, all clear? Now let me tell you I have had every kind of "womanly" problem out there. For six months straight out of last year, I was on my punctuation. It was horrible. I was in pain and uncomfortable.

I had heard rumors that the punctuation product company was putting chemicals on them to make you punctuate longer. I had done a lot of research on diapers and the chemicals in diapers affecting my children's bums, so why wouldn't that be the case in punctuation products?

So after doing more research, I decided to take the leap and try cloth punctuation products (Should we call it PP for short? Wait! That brings about a whole new discussion! :) Get it Pee-Pee? Haha... Can you tell I live in a house of boys?).

Oh my! It was so worth it! I will never go back! They are so soft and no pain at all. It is great! If you cloth diaper, it is so no different!

I researched a lot and the website I decided to try Joyful Living Naturals. Here are a couple of reasons that I absolutely will go NO where else to buy cloth punctuation products:

  • I know there are a lot of young mothers out there that are in the same boat as I and that boat being lack of money. We have to watch our money carefully and Joyful Living Naturals was by far the cheapest.
  • Joyful Living Naturals shipped quickly. I was worried that I would not have them by my next punctuation, but that was not the case at all. I had them within a week.
  • I bought a bundle so I didn't get to pick out the fabric. It did not matter. The fabric was so adorable!
  • I have washed them numerous times and the are still in great shape!
  • I was worried that bring cloth, they would leak. Nope, sure didn't!
  • I was also worried that they would be think and viewable (kind of like a panty line). I was pleasantly surprise how thin and comfortable they were.
  • Okay I know this is getting w.a.y. t.o.o. personal for you but I am a curvy woman and I really hated it when the sticky "wing" stuff rubbed and with the the cloth punctuation products, they snap and that's all she wrote! Saa---wweeet!
So Joyful Living Naturals have really become something I love especially with my "sentence" (hahaha! Sometime I crack myself up!) coming and that my friends is NOT a Thing I Love this Thursday!


Courtney said...

Still awaiting my punctuation... 20 months and counting. :(
Thanks for sharing that link. I know AF MUST return eventually and I plan to use a DivaCup. I know I'll need some cloth though.

Jhona O. said...

Ha! I've been wondering about using those myself. Motivation to try it came while reading this post. Thanks for sharing about your punctuation with humor and bluntness!

Anonymous said...

Love this! I've never thought about cloth for myself. I'm about to have another baby, so this is the perfect time to consider working these into my rotation

thediaperdiaries said...

Is that true? That they put stuff in the un-cloth ones? Cause that freaks me out!!! Thankfully I am still nursing so I have been puncuation free for almost a year!!!!!!