Sunday, January 17, 2010

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

I am going to attempt to continue stocking my pantry with more delicious and healthy foods. While my cooking skills are turning around, the thought of some of these foods just overwhelm me.

This past weekend I put chocolate graham crackers, honey graham crackers, and pretzels in my pantry along with an assortment of breads.

This week I am going to attempt sour dough. The thought of having to care for something (other than my children) for more than one day just makes my eyes roll back.

Besides sour dough starters, I am going to whole-heartedly attempt to put exercise in my daily routine. I just don't understand how some people can actually LIKE to exercise. My husband runs and enjoys it! What's up with that?!? I can't even enjoy a good walk up my stairs. Ugh!

I have a ton of work-out videos and even the Wii Fit Plus, but I just cannot make myself do it. I sound like such a child! :) Would you believe it if I told y'all I was a personal trainer before I had my first son? No?!? I didn't think so, BUT I actually WAS!

If any of y'all have any tips on how to fit daily excercise for a busy mom with an already busy day, please feel free to. I would appreciate it!

So.... there won't be much singing in my house this week just "ugh!" and "owws" and "umfs". Maybe I should bust out some of the old Richard Simon's I have? Now there's some great music in "Sweatin' to the Oldies!"
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Mrs. Brown said...

Good luck!!

Jessica said...

Start with a little bit every day. Do 30 minutes of something... take the boys for a walk, jump rope, do a little pilates, whatever keeps you active for 30 minutes. Gradually work in harder workouts a few days a week. The hardest part about working out is building the habit... that's what I'm trying to do now too! Good luck!

momstheword said...

Once I'm done being sick I need to start exercising again. When the kids were little I would exercise in the early morning but it was hard to get up that early.

Sometimes I like to walk on the treadmill for ten minutes, three times a day. I'm sure you'll find what works best for you. Thanks for linking up!

Samantha said...

Enjoy stocking your pantry.
I need to get back to exercising also !